Many brokers simply run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA, and then tell the Seller that the mid-to-high range. This simply doesn’t go far enough and, at Equity Pacific, that’s just our first step.

• We take a comprehensive overview of Property Valuation, including the property’s location, unit mix, and amenities, and identify the most relevant recent comparables.

• We review your current rent roll and recent income and expenses so we can advise how buyers and their lenders may underwrite the true income and expenses.

• We analyze how the value of your property will be affected by similar, currently available inventory.

• We make recommendations on opportunities to increase rents and look for ways to reduce expenses so as to increase the property’s annualized Net Operating Income and, by extension, enhancing the property’s Capitalization Rate. This process informs our sellers who the likely buyers are and the probability of pricing your property correctly. Using this comprehensive approach will lead to the best offer and a successful sale.